dr johnson

Dr. Jennifer Johnson has been named the 2020 Young Optometrist of the Year. The award, also called the President’s Citation, was announced in April and is presented to a member licensed ten years or less who has demonstrated not only contributions to the profession, but also in service for the benefit of the visual welfare of the public and service to the community at large.

Dr. Johnson practices at Moses Eyecare Center with offices throughout Northwest Indiana. Dr. Johnson developed a vision therapy center from the ground up for treating kids with binocular vision issues, as well as managing patients with Lyme disease, traumatic brain injury and stroke related visual issues. She has worked with many binocular vision issues including amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (wandering eye), post-concussion and brain injury, double vision, reading/learning trouble, and headaches associated with visual strain. She also has experience in primary care, cataract and LASIK co-management, contact lens fittings, ocular disease, and emergencies.